Trapez Ltd 133 - Sascha Sonido - It´s Like That EP

We have released two EPs with Sascha Sonido on Trapez ltd so far.
His new tracks are more old school and rhythm based. Starting with "Keep Going" a dead cool jack tune in a true sense, hypnotic and repetitive… never doing anything superfluous, every element contributes to the rhythm in a fine way.

The Zohki & Roozlee remix turns out to have much more in common with a sick and crazy piece of techno. Everything is in motion and full of life... making it an irresistible groover for the club. Great!

"Its Like That" starts with a field recording of daily life before it plunges into a heavy jack affair of old school percussion… work that mother-f..ker… Sascha Sonido at his best... writing clonk melodies that makes the old sweet dream of dancing till the sun comes up true. Tribal music for people who gather to dance through the night together.
Speaking about tribal beats, "Nazca" is even stronger on the side of native sounds and juggling percussion. Give the lord a handclap and wiggle!

Release date Beatport: 24. March 2014
Release date digital: 07. April 2014

1. Keep Going

2. Keep Going
    (Zohki & Roozlee Remix)

3. It´s Like That

4. Nazca

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