Trapez Ltd 134 - Arjun Vagale & Ramiro Lopez - Bomber7 EP

This is the collaboration of Arjun Vagale and Ramiro Lopez, resulting in the mighty track "Bomber7". The track has well skilled FX sound washing down other sound structures creating an organic feel which we have always experienced with Arjun on previous EPs for us.
Ramiro Lopez has released on Noir, Suara, Terminal M and others and brings in that strong production from his side to contribute to this project.

"Faultime" is a bass monster with a strong movement and tropical sounding noises creating a nice tone sequence. The stop and go technique works well and creates a strong rhythm for the dance floor, which could be interesting also for fans of early Kaiserdisco releases.

The second remix comes by Fer BR. He is hailed by many as one of the most creative Spanish artists and a perfect electronic music chameleon. He is not limited to techno but likes to bring different styles together so you can also expect with his remix a skillfully crafted unorthodox way of composing music. So it is no surprise when his remix of "Faultime" takes twist and turns you don’t expect. Not to forget to mention that his production is more than massive.

Release date Beatport: 28. April 2014
Release date digital: 12. May 2014

1. Bomber7

2. Bomber7
    (Luigi Madonna Remix)

3. Faultline

4. Faultline
(Fer BR Remix)

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