Trapez Ltd 135 - Hermanez - Here And Now EP

Hermanez is a true innovator and tastemaker in the world of house.
His new EP "Here And Now" shows again his uniqueness to write raw edgy house trax with passion and high profile recording techniques with a post Detroit note.

With "Powned" Hermanez uses these organ sounds that emerge with urgency and passion, sounds that are filled up to the brim with blues and soul. Hermanez plays very artistically with the heritage of black music and slips in these short breaks and brutal drum rolls that unfurl these erratic mood swings we love so much.
It impossible to stand still once the stop and go rhythm is established. It’s a mad world out there Hermanez knows it and has an answer to it. Check it out!

His second track "Future" is more mild, funky and elevating... more N.Y.C House! It does keep these sound-anecdotes though, quick small changes we love him for as well as a nice passage with a futuristic "wild pitch" sound. It is more than you can ask for… it’s a perfect blend and a super trooper of a track.

The last track "Past" is without doubt less funky but relies on Hermanez skill to be able to produce these massive baselines that can put a groove in every substance of your choice.
"Past" is a V12 engine powered trax with short intervals for you to breathe. That track is for the DJs and dancers who need a constant heavy signal throughout the track.

Release date Beatport: 26. May 2014
Release date digital: 09. June 2014

1. Powned

2. Future

3. Past

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