Trapez ltd 137,5 - Kaiser Souzai - 1976

Kaiser Souzai have had a worldwide hit with their track “Girl”, incorporating samples from ‘Pulp Fiction’. The release was one of the big summers club tunes in 2006 and after that Kaiser Souzai have had several successful releases out. But when you hear what they have recorded for Trapez ltd with "1976" it is not near anything you have heard from them yet.
When Kaiser Souzai told us that "1976" captures the feeling of that time making strong links to monumental rock legends such as Mike Oldfield, Cream, Yes, Genesis, Pekka Pohjola, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons we were surprised and a bit afraid as well.
We know a lot of dance floor producers have their idols in the 70ies, but what could that mean for the track itself? It was a great time but also the time for super kitsch in rock as you know. But when we finally heard the track, with all its self played instruments, the nice flow and switching from the understatement to total gigantism we were super convinced that was something nobody had done before in the club scene.

Talking about the track now... what it amounts to is that massive super wide spread sound that these modular synth towers were producing then.
The track shows these sequential patterns of tones and broad string sounds that evolve in the course of the track, creating a colossal giant of a wall of sound before that breaks down into an elephantine guitar riff that pulls you out of your boots… it is then swiped away by the sweetness of a hypnotic repetitive sequence… well done Kaiser Souzai!

The remixes by Maverickz and Olivier Giacomotto came fast and stripped down the epos of the original into dance floor rockers with traces of the original and will make them accessible to all the DJs who don’t like to DJ barefoot.

The vinyl comes in red vinyl through Decks records.

1976 is the first release in a line of big 70ties influenced musical concepts that will be released frequently by Kaiser Souzai. All guitars, synth and programming by Kaiser Souzai.
Guitars used: Gibson Les Paul 1957 Gold Top ReIssue, Jose De Felipe nylon String and a Danelectro guitar. Bottleneck playing on the LesPaul.

Release date Beatport: 11. August 2014
Release date Digital: 25. August 2014

1. 1976

2. 1976 (Maverickz Remix)

3. 1976 (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)

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