Trapez ltd 137 - Franz Alice Stern - K8 EP

The first EP of Franz Alice Stern on Trapez ltd announces a fine blend of a post Chicago techno house feeling with a deep and often melodic side to them... which seems to be just the right thing to do for the approaching summer.

The opening track "K8" is the most stripped down DJ track on this EP. It has a strong hypnotic quality, using slack sounding percussions, a massive baseline and seeks his own pace in long breakdowns and moments of brutal acceleration... which collect a lot of positive energy to be released in doses.

"Madness Never Ends" features Elio Simonetti. It is an epic piano track, stark, decadent, and beautiful. It has a musical side to it which at times is haunting, moody, dark and expressive. This track is for the moments when you need a floating track instead of a beat rocker in your DJ set.

"Flashback To The 80's" is one of these spirit catcher tracks that looses itself in the wideness of sounds and in the true sense could be called "cosmic". A spiritual track where time stands still... for the ones that know!

Release date Beatport: 28. July 2014
Release date digital: 11. August 2014

1. K8

2. Madness Never Ends
    (Feat. Elio Simonetti)

3. Flashback to the 80´s

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