Trapez ltd 138 - Spektre - In A Space

Spektre are the UK producers Filthy Rich & Paul Maddox. Their hedonistic and sinister clubby banging trax sound seeks inspiration from Detroit techno, combined with a fusion of much more recent development in productions by the likes of by Hollen, Sasha Carassi, Dubfire and Audiomatiques.
Spectre have releases out on popular labels like Toolroom, 1605 Music Therapy, Sleaze, MB Electronics, Global Underground and many more. They have their own label Respekt recordings going as well.

So that means heavy duty proper Techo for Trapez ltd and we are prepared for it!
"In A Space" spins like mad… is mad... stays mad... it all happens alarmingly quick, there is no safe place for us. Dance or die... Techno in it’s purest form. Put the strobe on and freak out! Who switched off the music! Applause!

"Unravelled" picks it up where "In A Space " ends… sheer energy. Sound of ships and harbors. Tar and boots. Tobacco and smoke rings. Go for it... be called "cosmic". A spiritual track where time stands still for the ones who know!

Release date Beatport:   25. August 2014
Release date Digital:      08. September 2014

1. In A Space

2. Unravelled

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