Trapez ltd 141 - Landmark - Doped EP

Landmark released on Snatch!, Deeperfect, Kinetika, Rusted, King Street Sounds, Defected, and many others. One of his first tracks he wrote: "Ham Bur Ger" was directly supported by big DJs and as Landmark put it in his own words "there is a lot of intuition involved when I write music". "Doped Tango" is such a piece of music which is made out of simple ingredients but is a hell of a slacker and when the Tango sequence kicks in you know for him it is just a way to get from point a smoothly to point b… to create a good transitions so to speak and to keep the groove rolling.

"Swag" is equally funky and a bit of a post Chicago groove monster. It brings back some of the joy techno and Chicago house music always expressed and which is important to keep! So expect "Swag" to put a smile on your face and increase the mobility in your legs in a big way.

"Heart Blow" is a tribal beat monster and a 100% beat only track. No extras... full stop. This is for the die-hard DJs who know transitional tracks are as important as hits. Play this track at the right time and it can carry emotions like an OJSC Belaz.

The remix of "Swag" comes from French artist Matt Sassari who has releases on Great Stuff and on a recent Toolroom compilation. He plays precious clubs such as Harry Klein in Munich. Matt has remixed "Swag" into a bleak night crawler relying on a powerful kick drum keeping all sound slave to the rhythm. High break downs dive deep and his return to the rhythm closes the structure of a classic cycle composition Matt is fond of. This is jitter funk at its best!

Release date Beatport:   24. November 2014
Release date Digital:      08. December 2014

1. Doped Tango

2. Swag

3. Heart Blow

4. Swag (Matt Sassari Remix)

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