Trapez ltd 142 - Pavel Petrov feat. Shosho - Drama

Pavel Petrov has just mixed the "Inner Pocket Moves Vol. 2" our "Werkschau" on Trapez ltd and is now contributing together with Shosho a brand new stunning 3 track EP.

Pavel Petrov brings together astral synth sound with house grooves in a dead cool, laid back style, that will rock the floors. "Rengar" is exactly such a track. It is a sweat box for a dancer and a track that inspires you to do some real grooves on the floor.
Get the hang on that one.

"Not So Serious!" produced together with Shosho is a lush groover. It feels like a mild night at a river, or an exotic cocktail.

"Drama" also produced together by Pavel Petrov and Shosho has a bit of a Moroder like groove, disco heaven with a nice vocal to make us happy. Well done!

Release date Beatport:   15. December 2014
Release date Digital:      29. December 2014

1. Pavel Petrov - Rengar
    (Original mix)

2. Pavel Petrov, Shosho -
    Not So Serious!
    (Original mix)

3. Pavel Petrov, Shosho - Drama
    (Original mix)

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