Trapez ltd 145 - Hermanez - Culture EP

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The "Culture EP" of Hermanez is a cool blend of perfectly exercised passages with a nice stop and go feeling and a tasteful selection of sounds and it also has a couple of melodies that you would not expect from Hermanez.
The EP starts with the energetic track "Myth". The track comes with a hell of lot of drive that commits itself to cosmic sounding delays of sounds that unfold like an acoustic balloon within the track as well as serving as a template for a spectacular break in the last 3rd of the track!

"Rha" has a perfect flow that gives room to feelings, expends them nicely so they linger on in your mind for a bit longer. The melodic peak at halftime coins a new Hermanez who shows fine lyrical qualities along side his Chicago roots.

"Blue Field" is a bit of a funky baseline monster. No stunts and not eventful per definition but a perfectly grinding piece of trax-music that is so important for the DJ who loves to mix and needs transitional tracks that can hold up the tension!

Release date Beatport:   27. April 2015
Release date Digital:      11. May 2015

1. Myth

2. Rha

3. Blue Field