Trapez ltd 146 - Marcus Sur - Urge EP

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Welcome back Marcus Sur!
He released his first EPs with us on Trapez ltd and MBF LTD and we created a bit of a fan base together. He has been a DJ for a long time playing in the coal mining district we call the Ruhrpott. His productions are always musical and fueled by the feeling he pulls out of so many years of playing records.
Recently he had released on Noir and now he is back on Trapez ltd with 4 new tracks.

"The Bell" is unusually minimal and almost spartanic, maybe the only track like this he has ever done so far. But it would not be a Marcus Sur track if it did not carry some kind of statement which is carefully placed in between sparse sounds. The track sound almost jazzy as if taken from a jazz instrumental beat session and the feeling is somehow claustrophobic. Find out yourself. Once you take this hurdle you will be ready for some more of this.

The second track "Echo's Of Laughter" is another quite unusual track of his. It is bit of a jam track. Marcus juggles here with a small amount of sounds and elements and shows great skill in how he brings in the sounds at different times. Only tastemakers can do that. It is a rocker of a track, a non stopper, a silent rolling thunder. All packed up ready for delivery at your front door.

„Anchorage“ has a sad feeling to it, grey in grey and some white in between. A track you will want to play out in one of those late nights.

„Miasma“ then is maybe the most hi-tec track of his. Very modern and bass heavy!

Release date Beatport:   25. May 2015
Release date Digital:      08. June 2015

1. The Bell

2. Echo´s of Laughter

3. Anchorage

4. Miasma