Trapez ltd 149 - Shosho - Peppery

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"Peppery" is wonderfully loose, almost exotic and extremely funky and lush. For all of you who like acid music there is a moment when 303 like sounds come in to give the track a different direction, well not a different direction, a nuance.

"Got This Feeling" is a whirlwind of sounds that seemingly come in randomly but in fact are very much thought through. They form a funky unit that take you by the arm and lead you to the dance floor.
Skillfully put together with a lot in individual class and hell of a production.

"Jano Pi" might even be more loose than "Peppery" and the way Shosho skillfully inserts samples reminds us of the best of English early techno, when sample culture was at its hight. Great combinations of sounds that go together well and god knows why. We love the piano that hast he same feeling as the one from "Outlander" on R&S.

We are looking forward the hearing more from Shosho!

Release date Beatport:                  24. August 2015
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    04. September 2015

1. Peppery

2. Got This Feeling

3. Jano Pi