Trapez ltd 151 - Subtractive - Higher Power

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American producer Substractive based in Kalamazoo gives his debut on our label Trapez ltd with this 4 Track EP "Higher Power" including remixes by Kevin Castro known from Sci+Tec and by Duky (Kalamazoo/ Grand Rapids MI).

The EP opens with "Higher Power" a track with a great driving beat programming only to be interrupted by Kraftwerk like sounds that rotate in your mind in a shape of a minor shock. Nice sounding drums and a lot of bass to go with it. Great simplicity here, no stunts, no elaborate composition this makes the track easily accessible for the dancer and for the DJs to mix in and out and back in.

The "Certified Freak" is another story, it is by far more trippy and tells a story of a great party on the 15th floor. We don’t want to tell you more about it, you will have to hear it yourself to judge.

Kevin Castro has given "Certified Freak" an almost ambient twist with floating sounds that have a vintage profile to them and through that he creates an altogether more moody version.

Duky has remixed "Higher Power" in dreamy tech house fashion. He brings in the key sounds of the original more often and establishes a repetitive deeper groove.

Release date Beatport:                  26. October 2015
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    06. November 2015

1. Higher Power

2. Certified Freak

3. Certified Freak (Kevin Castro Remix)

4. Higher Power (Duky Remix)