Trapez ltd 152 - Simione - Tivaal

Simione opens up his EP with "Tivaal" which is a DJ weapon for moments when a strong production with classical elements of techno house is the task of the night to keep the party going. You will find no stunts here, no heavy layering of sounds but instead a very satisfying tight drum tool with a devilishly hooky baseline!

"Cyum" is powered by an addictive tribal groove with a nice baseline, that skillfully uses teasing climaxes, nice breakdowns with a drum machine aesthetic, still keeping things simple and focusing once again on that all important groove.

"Catania" is the most deep and epic of all three tracks but keeps the tight drum programming and the heavy baseline we experienced with "Cyum". This track expresses a tribal feeling in a mesmerizing way and reminds us of the best Kaiserdisco productions we released on MBF. An absolute killer!

Release date Beatport:                  16. November 2015
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    27. November 2015

1. Tivaal

2. Cyum

3. Catania

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