Trapez ltd 153 - Ashwin Khosa & Artur Nikolaev - Basilica Strahov

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Ashwin Khosa has release with us on Trapez ltd, Traum and MBF before. For his upcoming Trapez ltd EP he has teamed up with Russian born and Spanish based artist Artur Nikolaev.

"Basilica Strahov" is undoubtful the track on this EP everybody will get involved with. It has a nice alternation of bassy and lighter elements and through that achieves a thrilling mechanical flow.

"Drum Addict" is a "dark" track that does no touch any melodies of longer running sequences but instead gives way to industrial sounding feedbacks and sounds.

"Basilica Strahov" then sees some serious remix action. The first one coming from Landmark who has pimped up the original with more midrange elements that create an explosive cocktail plus a mad break down that will have people craving for the return of the drums.

Another remix comes by our beloved Hermanez. He has transformed "Basilica Strahov" into an elegant "electronic tapeworm" of a track. Hermanez shows a perfectly timed biorhythm and dj instinct in the way he switches the beat "on" and "off" keeping up the intensity level in a fine way.

The remix by Coskun Akmeric transforms the original into a dubby and deep but loose rocker! Get tuned in... this is a good one.

Ashwin Khosa himself has done an experimental dubby remix of "Basilica Strahov" for which he has recorded voices and atmospheres. It has turned out very slick and smooth. Check it out!

Release date Beatport:                  25. January 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    05. February 2016

1. Basilica Strahov

2. Drum Addict

3. Basilica Strahov (Landmark Remix)

4. Basilica Strahov (Hermanez Remix)

5. Basilica Strahov (Coskun Akmeric Remix)

6. Basilica Strahov (Ashwin Khosa Remix)