Trapez ltd 155 - Franz Alice Stern - Normal Minds EP

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Franz Alice Stern joined Trapez ltd in July 2014 and was instantly super successful.
So the follow up has raised some expectations. The music he brought with him excited us and we thought would end out somewhere totally different, so once in the studio in Cologne we were chatting about where to take the full length EP in the end.
The outcome was again a revelation. "Macro Minds" carries a baseline melody which could come from The Cure and a slashing percussion that evokes the dead to life, the track moved under our skin in a serious way.

"Normal Day In A Different Way" starts with a field recording sound that puts you in the middle of a public spot. Slowly adding the synthetic techno side to it and what comes then is hardly to be put into words since the track gains super momentums, drawing from the 90ies melodic techno period. So Franz Alice Stern builds up big emotions here in an exceptional manner is to say the least!

"The Rounder" is massive melodic sound experience of sounds in 3-D and was produced together with Groove Squared. The mix is as impressive as with "Normal Day In A Different Way" and could not be better recorded. Captivating sounds that weave perfectly together into a big sound experience. has remixed "Macro Minds" in discoish way with loud claps and loopy sequences creating a more minimal repetitive and deep end out of the original. raises the tension to the max, since he starts to unfold at the melodic side of the track at 3.00 minutes.

UK producer Just Her has remixed "Normal Day In A Different Way" in to straight rocking floor groover with a great anthem feel to it!

One of our favorite remixes ever done on Trapez ltd came from Markus Bohm. So we had asked him to remix "The Rounder" for us which we knew would not be easy but the result is phenomenal and confirms again his vast amount of skill.

Release date Beatport:                  28. March 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    08. April 2016

1. Franz Alice Stern
    Macro Minds

2. Franz Alice Stern
    Normal Day In A Different Way

3. Franz Alice Stern & Groove Squared
    The Rounder

4. Franz Alice Stern
    Macro Minds ( Remix)

5. Franz Alice Stern
    Normal Day In A Different Way
    (Just Her Remix)

6. Franz Alice Stern & Groove Squared
    The Rounder (Markus Bohm Remix)