Trapez ltd 156 - Shosho - Harlequinade

Our last EP "Peppery" by Shosho got very strong feedback and now half a year later we have a follow up from him. In style slightly more fluent and less of a "collage funk" this time... we feature here again another fine techno production.

"Harlequinade" has all the sporadic small funky digits we enjoy in Shohso’s tracks. He also ads a 303 like sequence here.

"Scary Manufacture" has daring FX sounds going and Shosho also throws in discoish hi-energy sequences that create a wonderful crossover of styles.

"Tagboot" carries a slight dub techno connotation but evolves in adventurous ways, taking the dancer by the hand. Apart from the tight programmed beat which you can find in all his production you will never know where you will end up with Shosho and that is the exciting and challenging quality of his music.

Release date Beatport:                  25. April 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    06. May 2016

Available at:


1. Harlequinade

2. Scary Manufacture

3. Tagboot