Jose M. & TacoMan - Skunkfunk EP - Trapez ltd 158

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Introducing Jose M. & TacoMan

Jose M. & TacoMan keep a low profile but once you get into the underground scene of techno house you can see their productions are held in high esteem.
Jose M. & TacoMan speak through their releases and this is the fourth EP they have writing for us.

Jose M. & TacoMan "Bounce That Rhythm" and "Kamala"

"Bounce That Rhythm" and "Kamala" are both simplistic and catchy groovers that make you dance and that put a smile on your face.

Jose M. & TacoMan "Skunkfunk"

"Skunkfunk" is much darker and almost technoish with it's brooding synth sounds hovering through the air.

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Release date Beatport:             18. July 2016
Release date Worldwide:          29. July 2016

1. Bounce That Rhythm

2. Kamala

3. Skunkfunk