Harada - The Four Horsemen EP - Trapez ltd 159

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Introducing Harada

After a long break we are now releasing another EP with Cologne producer Harada.
Harada has been remixed by such prominent people as Tigerskin, recently been charted by Green Velvet and has released on many labels among them also the UK label Leftroom.
Harada is not a man of many words and seems almost invisible at times. That makes him a perfect person to write sleek minimalistic music. He defiantly has the essential minimalist motor going and can distill a great deal of soulfulness out of it.

"The Four Horsemen" by Harada

Harada’s first track "The Four Horsemen" might not be tied to the apocalypse but feeds the idea with a mighty kick drum and hereby fulfills the idea that a mighty funky groove will always find a place in our frontal lobe. The machines go mental with this track so be prepared and don’t forget your dancing shoes.

"Future" by Harada

How does the future look for Harada? "Future" tells the story of a funky formula that has to deal with a great lot of small irritations and distractions. All done in the style of bare stripped drum-computer like beat and doings on the microlevel and loud sound stabs. We say: tight as fuck, seductive as red wine and cool as marmalade. Give the man a handclap and a metro ticket home.

"The Third Horse" by Harada

"The Third Horse" could be titled „Den letzten beissen die Hunde“ or rather „will there be house?“. Nothing will actually account for what the track actually stands for. This track has the greatness of early DANCE MANIA classics and we do love these trax. Jacking as hell… never change a running system... greetings to Daniel Bell for his education of giving nothingness a meaning.

Harada Release Dates

Beatport:             29. August 2016
Worldwide:          09. September 2016

1. The Four Horsemen

2. Future

3. The Third Horse