Marc Faenger - Gekko EP - Trapez ltd 160

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Introducing Marc Faenger

The Düsseldorf based artist Marc Faenger has played some of the best clubs in the world, is one of the few German artists ever to be signed by Richie Hawtin’s label Minus, has recorded a mix for famous UK club Fabric and shows all his skill here now with his 4-track EP on Trapez ltd.

"Doi" by Marc Faenger

"Doi" is a hypnotic and funky groover that develops towards a late night feeling expressing what some used to call „phreak trax“ did. Underlying this mood is an erratic current that constantly shifts and therefore creates an uncertainness that is very attractive.

Titletrack "Gekko" by Marc Faenger

"Gekko" expresses vastness through dubby chords and later a „shadowy midnight stalking feel“ while keeping the percussion tight and running. There is enough complexity to prove: this track works on many levels brain and feet wise.

Marc Faenger "On My Own"

"On My Own" happens to be the most introvert and personal of all trax on Marc Faenger’s Trapez ltd EP. Laced with post Detroit chords and manipulated vocals the track succeeds in formulating a ghostly/haunting atmosphere that can take possession of you.

"Cave Call" by Marc Faenger

"Cave Call" communicates through morse code sequences. Minimalist techno stripped bare and for all of you who like the barren and bleak color of any Model 500 productions or early Transmat, check out this pice of music.

Marc Faenger Release Dates

Beatport:             23. September 2016
Worldwide:          07. October 2016

1. Doi

2. Gekko

3. On My Own

4. Cave Call