Pavel Petrov - Bogota EP - Trapez ltd 161

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Pavel Petrov back on Trapez ltd

This is the fourth EP we are releasing with Pavel Petrov on Trapez ltd. He has released with us as solo artist and also in collaboration with Shosho and also mixed the second annual Trapez ltd compilation "Inner Pocket Moves Vol. 2 mixed by Pavel Petrov".

"Bogota" by Pavel Petrov

His new "Bogota" EP kicks off with "Bogota" like a mighty somehow artificial hi-tech initiated sandstorm. Short oriental chants and roaring synths provide the track with that gloomy mysterious edge that makes it a perfect late night groover.

Pavel Petrov with Beno-San on "Trek"

Pavel Petrov wrote "Trek" together with Beno-San who has released on labels like Egothermia Records and Samani before. "Trek" is of a more tough breed but connects to the Eastern world by dreamy strings and breaks that spread out showing skillfully that desert like vastness.

Pavel Petrov and Gruuve with "Congo"

"Congo" was written together with artist Tomá Lucas Acosta better known as Gruuve who is internationally know for his dark techno and tribal tech. "Congo" is a sensual track that cautiously introduces Eastern flutes and traditional sounds with a modern appeal and ties in with sequences not unlike vintage Chicago house classics.

Pavel Petrov Release Dates

Beatport:             25. November 2016
Worldwide:          09. December 2016

1. Pavel Petrov - Bogota

2. Pavel Petrov, Beno-San - Trek

3. Pavel Petrov, Gruuve - Congo