Trapez Ltd 64 - Mihalis Safras - Interafrica

Following his debut 12" "Colpo Grosso", released in January 2008 on Trapez ltd, the many times awarded DJ Mihalis Safras has risen to a new level with his upcoming release "Interafrica", fusing African sounds with minimal stripped down fat beats.
The title track "Interafrica" will be big with minimal as well as house DJ´s since the track has very catchy key moments of African sounds that tear down the boundaries between the genres.
On the flipside we see with "Interamerica" a b-side which evolved from the a-side, picking up successfully on "world music sound", incorporating it in a minimal techno corset.
The digital bonus track "Ovum" ties up strongly with his first Trapez ltd release. In it´s heavy and massive techno style it draws a contrasts to "Interafrica" and "Interamerica".
The "Interafrica" 12" has already created a mighty stir with the few people who have heard it, among them the Amsterdam techno legend 2000 and One.

Release date: 28 April 2008

A. Interafrica

B. Interamerica

Digital. Ovum