Trapez Ltd 66 - Roland M. Dill - Share Your Body

Roland M. Dill from Cologne has been storming the sale charts at Beatport recently with his "Lucio Aquilina - Disco Bus" remix which stayed in the top 10 for over 2 weeks.
After Audio Werner another artist from Cologne hits the road of funky polyrhythmic trax! Ten years younger than Audio Werner, Roland has just started his career on Trapez ltd.
Roland has won several jazz music competitions, has also composed music for orchestras and is a wizard on the decks playing with 3 record players. His second 12" on Trapez ltd "Share your body" is a funky determined 2-tracker, with lots of rhythmical elements in the post Chicago fashion and last but not least a big clubber with a mighty production!
"Share your body" is a crazy DJ track with a long beat introduction creating the possibility to mix two tracks on top of each other... slowly the theme evolves and creates a madness alongside the small crazy melodic sequences that are always changing. A lot of things happen here subconsciously, details change constantly, his musical skills are enormous and affect the compositions of minimal dance music greatly.
"I'll be there" works with a much bigger bassline creating a softer touch to the super hectic and funky programming which works nicely in combination with "Share your body".
"Spin Foam", the digital bonus track, is stylistically close to Roland M. Dill´s debut record on Trapez ltd, "Days". The track is slightly more in your face and techy and a big piece of techno.

Release date: 23 June 2008

A. Share your body

B. I'll be there

Digital. Spin foam