Trapez Ltd 68 - Monodub - Monkey Business

Monodub is a new project by an Cologne artist. His tracks contain the kind of hazy foreboding atmosphere which keeps you pulling along until the very end.
There are no stunts no fancy automations in these tracks. So his project name sort of makes 100% sense. Listening to both tracks you can feel Monodub´s sharp eye for details. When he adds these dark sounds that rise from the ground and disappear you notice that all is perfectly timed.
The a-side track "Monkey Business" is a 12 minute bass heavy groover really stripped down to the essentials. The track really works in full perfection and creates an almost narrative energy. Monodub`s great mixing abilities enable him to work with rather simple sounds in such an efficient way it makes you shiver. "Monkey Business" is a wonderful track by a person who is at no time acting up but stays in the background, although you can feel his presence all the time.
The flipside track "Electric Banana" is similar in style. As "Monkey Business" it floats effortless and slightly builds up tension towards the end. The big difference is the musical theme, the sequences seems to meet at some point creating a stronger liveliness.
"Electric Banana" is funky with the beats and static at the same time.
Look out for Monodub there is more to come! Release date: 25th August 2008

Release date: 25 August 2008

A. Monkey Business

B. Electric Banana