Trapez Ltd 70 - Mihalis Safras & Gummish - Cats

The fourth 12" "Cats" by the wizard Mihalis Safras on Trapez ltd is a corporation with Gummish aka Tony Matt.
“Catman” and “Catshow” work stronger with understatement and cool vocals than the percussive predecessors "Colpo Grosso", "Interafrica" or "Rainforest".
Especially “Catman” reminds us of cool Italo techno house trax with a touch of post Liaison Dangereuse derivatives. Strange tuned saxophone sounds, their jacking percussions plus sensual vocals make this track a cool deep groover!
“Catshow” on the flipside is more freaky, relies on a lot of background noises, pitched up sounds, crazy breaks and a heavy bassline. It has a bit more of a Chicago feeling to it.
The digital bonus track “Tele” is a straight DJ tool with shorts breaks. A steady stop and go track!

Release date: 27 October 2008

A. Catman

B. Catshow

Digital. Tele