Trapez Ltd 71 - Italoboyz - Portucais

„Portucais“ the debut record by the Italoboyz on Trapez ltd will do a lot of damage on your dance floors. We're very excited to be releasing this 3 track ep. It's an adventurous and brave ep, full of fun and works perfect as a DJ tool.
The a-side „Portucais“ is a psychedelic track with vocals stretched and reversed until it is impossible to say which language they come in. The track starts with a 4 minute intro, containing eclectic electronic later joined by a strong four to the floor beat.
Italoboyz original mix of „Body and Soul” is a cool track that works with a lot of breaks and oldskool samples and basslines. This track is made for hard working DJ´s and wild dance floors since it has heavy sub bass. Ricardo Villalobos is already playing it heavily and we can see other DJ´s sneaking it into their sets to make things happen.
It really gives a buzz since the cut ups, breaks, oldskool samples and jingles are really special in times where everyone is obsessed with sound design... old skool is cool.
The „Afrogenic“ remix of „Body and Soul“ by the Italian producer Blind Minded works with a proper kick drum and is the most direct rocking track of the three. No need to mix that one, this mix works pretty much on its own, also using oldskool samples but also quite a lot of samples which are not in the original mix, so you get something extra here.

Release date: 24 November 2008

A. Portucais

B1. Body and Soul

B2. Body and Soul
(Blind Minded "Afrogenic remix)