Trapez Ltd 72 - Oliver Hacke - Dues and Needs

Yes Oliver Hacke is back. He established his worldwide fame on Trapez, with his fabulous remix of Akufen´s „Psychometry“ and releases like his legendary „Vampir von Düsseldorf“ 12“, which was played heavily by people like Suburban Knight and Superpitcher. Hacke also was the first artist next to Alex Under to release an artist album on Trapez.
Now the „Antiheld“ from Düsseldorf has switched on his equipment again to juggle with sequences and long lost feelings to create his new „Dues and Needs“ EP for Trapez ltd.
The a-side track „Mangrooves to the Lagoons“ is a malaria induced, dreamy but pounding groover which is packed so heavily with tropical sounds that the humidity in clubs will rise within seconds.
This track carries the newest Hacke sound design, is super bassy, relentless and merciless but still sexy in its forward going propellerred movement.
  But wait for „Bisou“! The flipside track commits to a similar feeling... you can see the Hacke concept come to life here again! It fits like a 501 cut after shrinking it in the bath. Well the track somehow describes the situation in a small room. Claustrophobic at the beginning, but the jazzy bassline breaks open the door for you. This is a track that gives hope and was produced to make you dance!
The release comes with two digital bonus tracks for the Hacke fans. „Flying Shark“ also concentrates on the claustrophobic feeling expressed in „Bisou“ but plays with it in a big way. It keeps the claustrophobic feeling throughout, illuminates it from all perspectives and puts it into an acoustic echo chamber. The feeling grows on you and the bubble of sounds seems to grow bigger and bigger... never ending really.
Polish artist Jurek Przezdziecki has added a super acoustic version of „Mangrooves to the Lagoons“, working with the mystic feeling the original installs.

Release date: 8 December 2008

A. Mangroves to the Lagoons

B. Bisou

Digital. Flying Shark

Digital. Mangroves to the Lagoons
(Jurek Przezdziecki "Deep Nostagia" Remix)