Trapez Ltd 75 - Amir - Communicate

Rimah Khalouf aka Amir has gotten fame with his half dozen releases, recently his Amir remix for Butch's “Last Tango” on EMM Rec. has gained him lots of respect in the techno scene.
The super feedback has lead to a release on hip label 8-Bit records in February 2009, where he will release the Jazz loops ep.
With his debut on Trapez ltd Amir shows he is a master of the groove and certainly knows how to work with small digits of sounds in a funky way which puts him in the league of top Cadenza artists.
The 2-track 12” is based on the more tech house track “Epopoe” on the a-side and the more house focused track ”Haptic”.
We can imagine these tracks to be in the cases of Sven Väth and Josh wink who have recently been very supportive to Amir.

Release date: 23 March 2009

A. Epopoe

B. Haptic

Digital 1. Haptic
(Piemont remix)

Digital 1. Haptic
(Monodub remix)

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