Trapez Ltd 76 - Blind Minded - Tekatek

Coming from the underground world of raves and squats, Italian producer Giorgio Cadamuro aka Blind Minded spent his early days studying drums and percussion as well as classical piano.
As the music evolved and the technologies started to be a fundamental part of dance music, he took a degree in audio engineering in Australia and became involved in recording and mixing for several artists.
Living in London now, he is developing his Blind Minded live set performances. Blind Minded had recorded a remix for the Italoboyz of their track "Body And Soul" on Trapez ltd in 2008 and was signed for his first solo 12" soon after.
Giorgio's mixture of house, Disco and Techno sees it's result in these 3 tracks which are fuelled with a lot of euphoria and don't hesitate to make brave/ courageous changes when crossing over from one genre to the other.
"Tekatek" is a crazy almost Cosmic Sandwich like track with samples of what seems to be a demonstration guide for playing percussive instruments!
"Clap in Time" is a bongo flavoured tech house track with deep strings and moody atmosphere sneaking in.
The Digital track "Perk Beat" is very much a nutter, combining crazy James Last orchestra bits with pitched down vocals and strong basslines.
So what do you make out of that?

Release date: 27 April 2009

A. Tekatek

B. Clap In Time

Digital. Perk Beat

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