Trapez Ltd 77 - Butch - Muskatnuss

Well what can we say, two tracks that could not be more different from well know Mainz/ Germany based artist Butch aka Bülent Gürler.
The a side “Destruction” is a track that so perfectly fits into the scene of German minimal house, we think it will be eaten up immediately by the DJ scene.
The flipside track “Muskatnuss” is  more challenging and made for the advanced DJs. This track is weird, funky, housey and more on the side of the new school of house we get nowadays from Cecille and similar labels.
The track makes use of samples from Butch's most sought after sample libaries that include fantastic cartoon sounds he has cut up and arranged rhythmically.
A stunning performance!

Release date: 25 May 2009

A. Destruction

B. Muskatnuss

Digital 1. Muskatnuss
(Markus Sur Remix)

Digital 2. Muskatnuss
(Cleo Tremsch Remix)

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