Trapez Ltd 78/CD1 - Mihalis Safras - Cry For The Last Dance

Just a year ago a new name appeared on the international techno landscape.
An artist who has a vivid past, lived the live of rockn´roll for almost 10 years, playing all the clubs in Greece and who was voted one of the best DJs there... stopped from one day to the other to quit with his past and to begin with “something” new.
His name was Mihalis Safras. He soon began buying equipment and learned quickly to produce a a “fett“ powerful electronic sound. But other than that it is his personality that struck Riley Reinhold which led to a signing of up to now five 12"s on Trapez limited.
Mihalis Safras is a true artist who travels once a year with his band shutting down all techno channels to play the instruments he learned to play... and to chill down.
The history of this album is a history of a friendship between the artist Mihalis Safras and the painstaking research for originality from Riley Reinhold, DJ and mastermind behind all selection of music on Traum and affiliated labels for over 10 years.
So now what do we get? We get a full year of what we consider is the best of what Mihalis Safras has ever released.
Why did we not release it before on EPs when it is so good? Because Mihalis knew he had enough talent to still keep pumping out grand 12"s. What we get with his album are 12 tracks, eleven of them unreleased and on top an edit of "Here Comes The Rain" which we believe was a perfect track to close the album.
The tracks all work hand in hand and cover easily 5 different genres from techno ("Ganman", "Adonis") to tribal and experimental ("Zavel") to Detroit melancholy ("Cry For The Last Dance", "Here Comes The Rain"), to fat minimal (Chopsticks), to deep (Chica Boom) to pop. Mihalis is in a true sense a musical octopus.
If you have not heard "Interafrica", tune in to this album to get a mars bar full of music by Mihalis.

Release date: 08 June 2009

Trapez Ltd 78 tracklisting features:

A1. Chopsticks
A2. Chica Boom
B1. Cry For The Last Dance
B2. Adonis

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