Trapez Ltd 79 - Amir - Minds Move Mountains

The second Amir record on Trapez ltd and we expect even more fans to appreciate the intricate grooves and the madness of Amir.
„Mind Trip“ is a hypnotic beat that leads to psychedelic moments of sounds experiments.
As always Amir does not work with the obvious but gains momentums of joy from the audience when he does his formidable small changes , plunges from beat into sound and switches back.
„Minds move Mountains“ follows the trail of his previous release and features on the flip side another super cool house track , that has that cetain new school house touch which is so welcome right now.
We are talking about “Rocky Montain”, a fantastic deep house track with super sensual vocals! A track like the summer breeze, cool relaxed and steady.
We finish of the release with a cool, deep remix of „Rocky Mountain“ by the young German artist Alex Reuter.

Release date: 13 July 2009

A. Mind Trip

B. Rocky Mountain

Digital. Rocky Mountain
(Reuter's "Get A Little Bit Deeper" Remix)

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