Trapez Ltd 80 - Blind Minded - Underground Life

London based producer Giorgio Cadamuro aka Blind Minded has recorded a remix for the Italoboyz of their track "Body And Soul" in 2008 and released his first solo 12" „Tekatek“ both on Trapez ltd soon after.
This digital release by the wizard Blind Minded is all about the London metro and includes the best of his wild sampling he has done so far.
Although working with quite diverse samples Blind Minded manages to get an organic feel going with “Underground Life” and has the track turn towards the end into a cosmic trip!
“To the Bus” is a rocker more direct and a bit Chicago, showing that metro announcements can be sexy as hell! This tune can turn clubs upside down!

Release date: 24 August 2009

1. Underground Life

2. To The Bus

3. To The Bus (Short Version)

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