Trapez Ltd 81 - Marcus Sur - Down With The Ship

Marcus Sur lives 30 minutes from Cologne in Essen and has recorded for several labels in the past like Pottheads with whom he reached no 1 in the DCC charts with his "Stop the Junk" release.
His latest tracks were released on Highgrade and Keno records.
Marcus Sur played bass in a band but stopped in the 90ies to get involved in DJing which lead to famous residencies in clubs such as "Rote Liebe" and "Baikonur" where he was also responsible for the musical programme.
With his release „Down With The Ship“ on Trapez ltd he shows his love for minimal music. His definition of minimal though has more in common with Robert Hood than with recent developments due to the fact that his love for rare groove and deep house music has been part of his life.
His 4 track Ep (2 tracks on vinyl 5 tracks digitally) is authentic and cool and speaks the language of the coal mining district in Germany, the Ruhrpott. House music has always been big there and lead to the founding of one of the first House distributers in Germany, NTT .
Marcus Sur is momentarily resident at the Gold Club in Essen where he will celebrate his release on the Trapez label night (26th of September)

Release date: 28 September 2009

A, Down With The Ship

B. Stick Up Queen

Digital 1. Hub and Spoke

Digital 2. Partitura Festiva

Digital 3. Down With The Ship
(Marco Dassi "Playa" mix)

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