Trapez Ltd 84 - UND - Fox In The Box remxs

A track that somehow survived all musical trends.
Popping up years later at Noice! on Proton radio, we say thank you here at this point to the dedicated Harry  Evers and Louise Kemp for putting so much faith in this track!
The remixes of UND´s "Fox In The Box" include a superb unreleased "dub remix" of Christian Martin from Dirty Bird, a mix by Cologne's dub experts Salz, a remix from the London duo C.E.S.M. and one by Alex Nagshineh.
No need to say much about Christian Martin, we know he always delivers classy stuff.
His remix is more stripped down than his version on the Trapez 100 and so this track might be even better to play out loud on house parties.
The Salz duo from Cologne consisting out of Emanuel Geller and Axel Erbstoesser have remixed the track in their own dubby style and have created a rocking massive dub monster! You might have witnessed their mix of "Verse 2 the Chorus" on the Trapez 100, this remix is even stronger!
C.E.S.M. are Council Estate Super Models, a UK based project of step up Jules Dent and singer Sam Woodford. A love for a certain retro edge combined with an upbeat retro electro style have provided their remix of "Fox In the Box" with that unpredictable cool mixture of styles that make it so special. The remix is quieter, a journey starting off in fashion of an indie band flavoured track and moving towards deep electronic house towards the end.
Alex Nagshineh started DJing and producing in 2007 after working as a freelance writer for magazines, Channel 4, and as a film reviewer. Alex has remixed "Fox In The Box" by down pitching the vocals , programming a new beat, and adding additional trippy elements, effects and atmosphere.

Release date: 21 December 2009

1. Fox In The Box
(Christian Martin Fox In The Box Dub Mix)

2. Fox In The Box
(Salz Dub-O-Matic Remix)

3. Fox In The Box
(C.E.S.M. Remix)

4. Fox In The Box
(Alex Nagshineh Remix)

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