Trapez Ltd 85 - Deep'a & Biri - Twisted Tango

Deep´a & Biri have been involved in the Tel Aviv house scene for some time. With this 3 track EP plus digital bonus track they give their debut now.
“Twisted Tango” is the most stripped down of all three tracks and a real cool groover. One of these tracks that grow enormously with volume and space.
These two guys have got a good vision of how dance music should be to clad the clubbers in cotton batting.
Their cool way of transmitting “indifference” has always been the carrier of sensuality and sexiness in entertainment and it does create a certain kind of peppermint stench  here. The vocals stabs in this one work like dubby elements which Deep´a & Biri drop like things dropping out of your pocket.
“Mischievous” is a perfect bassline monster... deep and heavy with a genius “pam pam“ vocal stab. We don't know where these samples come from but they are luscious as hell.
Welcome to the pleasure dome!
“Hine Gama” is as cool as the two other tracks but a little more laissez-faire. We don't think that anybody will be able to resist this bright light brown colour it shows with all it's reflections of intensive sun beams shining in.
The digital bonus track “Cannibalism” is of a total different nature and we though it might be perfect for a digital bonus. More melodic and epic and funnily it reminds of of the early Sven Väth sound on Harthouse.
This release fits perfectly to the last release on Trapez ltd.

Release date: 18 January 2010

A. Twisted Tango

B1. Mischievous

B2. Hine Gama

Digital. Cannibalism

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