Trapez Ltd 86 - Butch - Reshef

Butch continues the path he has lately introduced with “Muskatnuss” with a another stunning piece of percussive deep techno house: “Reshef”. This epic monster has all the skills a track needs and runs for almost 12 minutes.
Famous for his skills of cutting up whole Disney cartoons and converting them into a sparkling groovy beat, also “Reshef“ has that unbelievable funkiness combined with a “freak out” madness that has helped Butch to rock the biggest dance floors around. Introducing his famous “rain drops” and “flutes” Butch has acquired a toolbox of sounds that he delicately layers and enhances.
Building up a subtle tension and keeping it low key all through the track, his breakdowns are always what one is looking for.
On the flipside of the record we find an “überfunky” remix by his close friend Amir.
Amir's remix of “Reshef” has a huge seductive and hypnotic quality which will make it a big track on the dance floor. Hearing a lot of percussive beats being played out by DJs nowadays, Amir is a master of programming his own grooves and layering them in a fashion that is hard to find. Amir is definitely one of these rare cavemen that have this exclusive kind of funk buried deep in their guts.
The digital bonus includes a new version of "Muskatnuss" that Butch has recently written, with more dynamic than the original and a different sound design!
The release also holds 3 digital only remixes of „Reshef“. Chris Gowland aka GOW has recorded before on Trapez and was played heavily by Ricardo Villalobos.
Here you get a hypnotic and deep mix by the talented and and coming UK producer that reminds us very much of brilliant productions on Outer Rhythm in the beginning of the 90ies.
Marcus Sur has released a vinyl and a digital remix on Trapez ltd already and shows here a great feeling for deepness made with little elements similar to what Patrice Bäumel produced for us in the past.
Deep'a & Biri´s remix also draws on the deeper edge of things, it is a superb percussive deep rolling mix with nice ethno elements.

Release date: 18 January 2010

A. Reshef

B. Reshef (Amir Remix)

Digital 1. Muskatnuss (Butch Remix)

Digital 2. Reshef (Gow Remix)

Digital 3. Reshef (Marcus Sur Remix)

Digital 4. Reshef (Deep'a & Biri Remix)

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