Trapez Ltd 90 - Mark Henning - La Galaxia Llorona

We welcome back Mark Henning. Mark released a 12“ „Pokerbot“ at an early stage of Trapez ltd already. He recorded his new EP together with Japanese artist Den aka Tokuto Denda.
The 4 track EP features the tracks “La Galaxia Llorona” and “Close Encounters of the Deep Kind” plus two remixes, one by Ed Davenport and another one by Sebastian Russell.
This EP is a hell of a techno EP, the revenge of Detroit techno.
We would say once „La Galaxia Llorona“ has started shifting into gear, there is no way back as Adonis used to say. This is a pulsating emotional techno track with strings playing a sequential melody and percussion slashing through all of it from time to time. This is a knight in armour... very proud and full of elegance and strength and horsepower.
Ed Davenport has made a bassline driven DJ tool out of it, quite Berlin style, for all of us who ever believed in the Basic Channel sound of Berlin, here we go. Sebastian Russell keeps his remix on the housy side of things, with a velvet sounding deep kick, instruments joining in... making it an “orchestra” of live played instruments... a bit of a celebration... light and elegant.
  “Close Encounters of the Deep Kind” is a flow of warm liquid like music... really comforting deep Detroit music for special moments. This track gets the energy going!

Release date: 28 June 2010

A1. La Galaxia Llorona

B2. La Galaxia Llorona

(Sebastian Russell rmx)

B1. La Galaxia Llorona

(Ed Davenport rmx)

B2. Close Encounters Of The Deep Kind

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