Trapez Ltd 92 - Mark Henning & Den - La Galaxia Llorona & Close Encounters of the Deep Kind Remixes

The second part of the remixes for Mark Henning & Den includes popular and new names from the dance scene.
You probably have heard the Grünbox release we have done on Trapez 110 or of his releases in the past on our label or Alex Under´s label CMYK. Here you can witness the finest skills of the Argentinean producer.
They may have lost their game in football... but his remix of “Close Encounters of the Deep Kind“ is a winner. Grünbox trickery to work with very different sounds/samples has earned him praise from Black Strobe, who called him one of the best producers around. Grünbox is a juggler and a true artist who seeks the challenge, no format, formula or prefix... from South American vocals, to underwater sounds, he incorporates all of it to a funky groove and when it is over... you have to take a deep breath... this man has been put on earth to do music.
The second remix comes from UK artist Kanio who was nominated for best minimal artist at the Beatport Music Awards 2009. His remix is definitely more on the house side of things, being very bouncy and garage influenced.
Jules-de-Pearl has just made his debut with his own vinyl release ion MBF LTD... the deeper side of MBF. Here he shows exactly these skills for which he is admired... cool rhythmic patterns filled with soulful samples, somehow a west coast sound not unlike one of our favourites: Scuba. Jules has toured with bands in the past and has learned to play the drums.
German duo Autodeep have made a Chicago monster out of „La Galaxia Llorona“... which reminds us in some ways of Lil Louis!
As a bonus mix Mark Henning & Den have written a Super nova edit of “La Galaxia Llorona”.

Release date: 2 August 2010

1. Close Encounters of the Deep Kind
(Grünbox remix)

2. Close Encounters of the Deep Kind
(Kanio remix)

3. Close Encounters of the Deep Kind
(Jules-de-Pearl remix)

4. La Galaxia Llorona
(Autodeep remix)

5. La Galaxia Llorona
(Mark Henning & Den´s „Super Nova“ edit)

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