Trapez Ltd 93 - Amir - Vernissage One

Amir has been pushing house music for a long period as a DJ in his hometown Mainz, with numerous gigs in his resident club 50 Grad and clubs all around south Germany.
In Mainz Amir is alongside Butch the person who is considered the one who knows what house music is all about. The label Bouq. he is involved with has a strong following and allows him to plan events for free featuring the whole Bouq. crew.
His latest release came out on NRK Music and his third release on Trapez ltd is already fulfilling one part of his new master plan. Amir has planned a series of releases that all run under the title of Vernissage intending to create space for creativity showing that his skills are not limited to one kind of style.
With Vernissage One on Trapez ltd Amir kicks off a beat which could have been written by Herbert. As Amir says himself his beats are ongoing a constant change, nothing stays the same. “Cadaques” indeed highlights a spiritual quality that is expressed by ethno sounds, constantly shifting dynamics and a feeling for deepness.
The flipside “Guernica” extends this feeling in a nice way, creating a super hypnotic groove, involving acoustic percussion, nature sounds, live atmosphere of vocals and sounds that reminded him of Spain.
Santé aka Philipp Maier the co-producer of Tiefschwarz has done a dub remix of “Cadaques” which reminds us of Chicago house music of the early 90s, respectively of “Pressure Cooker”. Later appearing psychedelic passages could make it a cool “deranged after hour track”.

Release date: 27 September 2010

A. Cadaques

B. Guerica

Digital 1. Cadaques (Santé "Dub" remix)