Trapez Ltd 96 - - Teach me House EP alias Markus Ferdinand has been busy releasing on various labels and he is still a unpredictable person.
His release on Desolat “Sing And Blow At The Same Time” as well as his release on Robsoul have established him as a funky player in the field of minimal, who freshened up the genre with light hearted emotional tracks.
Trapez ltd has been in contact with him since the early days, so we are happy to welcome his debut 3 track on Trapez ltd. “Teach Me House” is a little bit of a new school version of the early “jack” tracks.
The title track is a groove monster that plunges into catchy vocals of a TV preacher evoking that early house spirit but connecting it to´s undisputable funky beats. “Le Cirque Du Tambours” comes in a remix by Desolat label mate Den Ishu who has also recorded together with Arado for Area Remote in the Netherlands and who is based also in the former coal mining district of Germany where Marcus Sur and Reuter stem from, who belong to the MBF LTD fraction.
A district that has a long tradition for house music. Den Ishu´s remix of “Le Cirque Du Tambours” is a driving house with frantic female vocals, pumping´s soulfulness on the dance floor.´s original mix of “Le Cirque Du Tambours” rounds up the record nicely. Certainly more on the cool side of things, he adds a lot of small details on the percussive side, keeping a natural flow with jazzy elements... such as a trumpet and acoustic drums.
The release also holds 2 digital remixes of „Lord Teach Me House“.
Wouter De Moor has released on hip Dutch label Remote Area together with Gideon Bouwens and we are proud to have him do a remix for Trapez ltd. Wouter blends skilful old school house elements with new production and generates here a remix with a U.S. vintage feeling.
Acclaimed Brazilian producer Gabriel Serrasqueiro has positioned himself amoung the top 5 Brazilian DJs, reached top ranks in Beatport and has earned praise from DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo, Laurent Garnier and Anthony Papa. GABE also won international recognition with the nomination for Best Revelation DJ in 2009, on Ibiza DJ Awards. His remix of "Lord Teach Me House" is a cool modern rhythm track interpretation the track totally different to Wouter De Moor.

Release date: 13 December 2010

A. Lord Teach Me House

B1. Le Cirque Du Tambours
(Den Ishu rmx)

B2. Le Cirque Du Tambours
(Original mix)

Digital 1. Lord Teach Me House
(Wouter De Moor rmx)

Digital 2. Lord Teach Me House
(Gabe rmx)

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