Trapez Ltd 98 - Mihalis Safras VS Pascal Mollin - Jaws EP

Mihalis Safras is back with another big time release on Trapez ltd produced together with German artist Pascal Mollin.
They have announced to go stronger on to the techno side with this release, but we certainly see the roots in post Detroit and Chicago house.
“Jaws” starts classically with a fat sounding Safras beat but introduces after 2 minutes a crass electronic sounding noise, which for sure will pull clubbers out of their “bubble” and throw them on to the dance floor.
Track two “Move” was produced by Pascal Mollin alone and starts out with a static noise but soon reveals itself as a heavy hypnotic clubber that works skilful with repetition as Robert Hood and folks are making it a topic in their tracks.
At the peak of the track they start dropping strings with tons of delay on them as well as the magic vocal “move”. This is a dead cool track you can hardly resist! Ok this is enough... you will have to decide for yourself.
The last track “System” knocks brutally in with the force of a “black jack”, head on percussive thumbs, relentless as a mule.
Bonus Track "Intron" was written by Pascal Mollin, making a reference to vintage hypnotic Chicago house with choir like sequences climbing up and down... adding impact provided through his techno handwriting.

Release date: 28 February 2011

A. Jaws

B1. Move

B2. System

Digital: Intron

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