Trapez Ltd 99.5 - Crowdkillers - El Nido EP

Sean Schumacher and Jacinto Callu are: The Crowdkillers, a dynamic duo, who have a residency at the club Voyeur in San Diego.
Closing hours are early in the USA so they are keen to rock the crowd within the limitations with energetic DJ sets. So don't expect to hear ketamine after hour tracks, but slamming trax full of life and passion.
Witness the Crowdkillers ability to capture a perfect future classic feel with these 3 original and 4 extra remix tracks.
“El Nido” the opener of the EP raises the energy level from the start to point where dancing is the only appropriate answer. In a slack way house sounds from the past are combined with modern production and arrangement techniques + beat programming, bringing joy to neurotic nights.
This track has a killer house groove... beautifully produced and striped back to just the essential elements.... alternating skilfully between beats and vocal parts. After all “El Nido” is such a track that will bring a smile on your face and these little Latin anecdotes feel just right in relation to the strong drive the track puts forward.
Followed by “Adelita” in the remix version of Trapez ltd artist BNZO who stresses the modern side of minimal house even stronger creating a nice flow, with a cool stop and go rhythm. The mix carries a bit more of an European tongue.
“What I Do” was recorded together with Alain de Saracho and has a distinguished quality due to the mighty “walking bass” bassline and the devilishly hooky vocals.
Their original version has an abstract level to it especially their “rattlesnake” like quivering sounds build up a nice tension and connect to the new modern tech house sound.
Anthony Attalla who has headlining shows in Chicago, Toronto, Cleveland, and Detroit was asked to remix  “Adelite” and the result is a mighty rocking DJ tool, that draws on a lot of  FX sounds, a long hypnotic break and a heavy pounding beat. His remix is more on the techno side of things for sure.
Trailing is “Adelita” in it's original version by Sean and Jacinto, is a real West Coast pearl, a soulful piece of West Coast house with a lot of nice effects and organ sounds going wild... to create a bit of a monster within a monster.
“El Nido (Jacinto Callu Dub Mix)” is the dub version of “El Nido“ for all of you who rather have the original mix without vocals. A great tune with and without vocals.
To round up the release Marcelo Cura´s remix of “What I Do” turns out to be a late night mover, using a lot if Fx sounds and dubby delay sounds that all work great hand in hand to create  a big bubble full of “night-time” energy.   

Release date: 26th April 2011

1. El Nido

2. Adelita (BNZO remix)

3. What I Do

4. Adelita
(Anthony Attalla remix)

5. Adelita

6. El Nido
(Jacinto Callu Dub Mix)

7. What I Do
(Marcelo Cura remix)

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