Trapez Ltd 99 - Amir - Vernissage Four

With this new release from Amir on Trapez ltd, it is clear that Amir has turned towards house music even more than with his last releases.
He has set the focus here on a stronger mix down with less small snippets but rather bold and fat jacking sounds.
“Imperial Monuments” the a-side of the 12”  keeps itself low-key, but works with a texture that is build on skilfully looped themes that have more impact on the floor than some multi-layered house tracks right now.
“Soft Watch” is a deeper and “softer” almost US styled house tune with wild pitch strings and animal sounds like sequences, shifting gear elegantly minute by minute by adding beats, evolving in a euphoric “grand piano theme” and short vocal snippets. This track is full of joy and really a track for people who are in love with good music.
“Extase L188“ is a classic Amir track as we know them from the release on Trapez ltd, cool, with very many small funky details working you over in a pleasant way with cool beat programming and vocals.
  The remixes come by Remerc and Crowdkillers.
Remerc producer from Cologne gives his debut here with a remix of “Extase L 188” giving it a stronger percussive frame, with lots of drive and a more bizarre and freaky touch.
US producer team Crowkillers have given “Soft Watch” a treatment towards big time house music, working with traditional elements skilfully, they create a sensual house pearl.

Release date: 28 March 2011

A. Imperial Monuments

B1. Soft Watch

B2. Extase L188

Digital 1. Extase L188
(Remerc remix)

Digital 2. Soft Watch
(Crowdkillers remix)

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