Various Artists - Inner Pocket Moves Vol. 3 mixed by Franz Alice Stern - Trapez ltd Dig 03

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Introducing Inner Pocket Moves Vol. 3 Compilation

Here we present our next Trapez ltd compilation

"Inner Pocket Moves Vol. 3"

This time we asked our recording artist friend Franz Alice Stern to mix a selection of the latest Trapez ltd releases into one set.

... mixed by Franz Alice Stern

Franz Alice Stern has recorded two Eps on Trapez ltd so far, the last one featuring top artists such as Just Her and The Italian artist has been traveling European metropoles and is now based in Berlin which has given him a boost of creativity.

He records in a tiny studio but has reached an amazing recording quality which can be witnessed on his EPs with us and on releases on domestic Berlin labels which have lead to remixes for well know artists such as Ramon Tapia, Bondoa, Wankelmut and Alle Farben.

Inner Pocket Moves Vol. 3 - The Artists

Franz Alice Stern mix features the likes of Hermanez, Shosho, Landmark, Jose M. & TacoMan, Maverickz, Miguel Bastida, Pavel Petrov, Vlokken, Marcus Sur, Kalden Bass, Simione, Substractive, Ashwin Khosa and Ash Roy so listen here to the mix!

Inner Pocket Moves Vol. 3 Release Dates

Beatport:             28. October 2016
Worldwide:          11. November 2016

  1. Franz Alice Stern -
      Flashback To The 80's

  2. Ash Roy -

  3. Simione -

  4. Ashwin Khosa -

  5. Hermanez -

  6. Shosho -

  7. Landmark -

  8. Subtractive -
      Higher Power

  9. Maverickz -

10. Jose M. & TacoMan -

11. Marcus Sur -
      Echo's Of Laughter

12. Vlokken -

13. Miguel Bastida & Salero -

14. Kalden Bess -
      Deliver Me (Vocal Version)

15. Pavel Petrov & Shosho -
      Not so serious!

16. Franz Alice Stern -
      Normal Day In A Different Way
      (Just Her Remix)

17. Franz Alice Stern
      „Inner Pocket Moves Vol. 3“
      (Continuous Mix)