Various Artists - Tour De Traum XX - Traum CDDig 47

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Welcome to Tour De Traum XX!

On this Tour de Traum we meet some of the artists again with whom we have released exciting music on previous Tour De Traum’s. All with brand new trax. All great new trax. But around 50% of the featured artists are new discoveries. We expect that you will experience as much joy with these tracks as you did with those on the Tour De Traum predecessors!

"To Be Right About" by WavesTherapy

WavesTherapy kick off the Tour De Traum XX with their track "To Be Right About" and they come close to impressions of the early Fairmont we released in 2001 and Broker Dealer’s "Dig Deep" from 2002. This is slow cocking deep music with an indie attitude at times brittle featuring that happy-sad dualism we like so much.

"Saint" by Lunlight

The Mexican artist Lunlight has been producing music for 10 years and as he says in his own words he likes: „tracks with deep bass and cosmic melodies“. "Saint" is joyous and melancholic and the same time. It is a whirlwind of moods and perfect to whistle along too. His track definitely is reminiscent of French electronic music and successfully gives classic ideas a modern shape.

"Resonate With Me" by Audial, Fluent

The English - American duo Audial & Fluent have written a beautiful „ghost – town“ track with "Resonate With Me". It is not only a hearth warming track but also an epic track in a serious way. It includes some „edgy“ feedback sounds in the background which add depth to the music which is cool.

"Mushrooms" by Clover

Clover’s arpeggiator driven track "Mushrooms" dives into lush melodies with a touch of drama and keeps a perfect balance within its composition.

"Heisere Hummel" by escape

Following in the footsteps of such an artists as Dominik Eulberg, the self acclaimed nature lover, long time student and DIY Person escape from Germany has managed to write a piece of music full of joy and uplifting melodies that can make your day with "Heisere Hummel".

"TPPP" by Fermata Duomo

This moody song "TPPP" comes with dramatic vocals a strong understatement lined with a goose skin coolness. As Fermata Duomo says it in his own words in the track: „I just want to dream away“.

"Fredrick Walter" by Happy Medium

We are happy to include again a piece of electronic songwriting by the American artist Happy Medium who lives deep in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. As he says in his own words: „I believe subconsciously I take from the intense energy of these massive rocks and powerful glacier river’s and put it into my music... Sometimes I wake up very, very early to do so.“ "Fredrick Walter" is quite a track. First it puts you deliberately in a different picture by opening with an acid/303 sequence when everyone expects one of these twisted acid DJ tools, but it would not be Happy Medium if he did. So by saying that, the track takes on a songwriting composition with a strong wanderlust spirit! Climbing from one plain to the next one crossing lots of „obstacles“, walking through „waterbed – breakdowns“ that are epic and just right. And yes, the 303 acid baseline does return.

"To Those We Left Behind" by HAEN

Beautiful blooming melodies on a foil of expanding bass. HAEN’s track "To Those We Left Behind" has a meditative aura that is like balsam for ones soul. A very unique track here.

"Heartreater" by Hoomy

"Heartreater" is a fantastic flute track by Hoomy with a light peppermint note on a heavy nice baseline.

"Saints" by LLLL

After living in Canada for 10 years, Kazuto was involved in writing and arranging many chart -topping songs for YUKI, Kaela Kimura, Mika Nakajima, Akiko Yano and others. Since 2012, he began releasing electronic music as LLLL. His track "Saints" for us is an incredible happy natured piece of music that is very uplifting and very refined in its composition. It is probably the only track of that kind on the Tour De Traum XX. Recently, many of LLLL’s work has been provided for advertising. He has been awarded the highest prize in the „Dentsu Advertising Award“, the „CLIO Award“ Silver and Bronze, the „ACC TOKYO CREATIVE AWARDS“ Bronze, and the „Golden Lion International Advertising Video Festival WO Award“ Bronze.

"Love Fi" by Men-D

The Transylvanian native producer Men-D, musically educated at BPM sound school in Tel Aviv, has been writing music for years and is also involved in the Mendel Collective. His track "Love Fi" uses fine percussions to create a funky polyrhythmic groove and light melodic themes which he connects to more heavy vintage chord stabs. As a consequence resulting in a fascinating hypnotic „sequenced“ track.

"Lasts" by Mentat

We welcome back Mentat with his track "Lasts"! By now we are aware of the quality of this French producer who has released on several Tour De Traum releases. His involvement in the melodic scene is inspiring and his newest invention is a track that constantly transforms itself and therefore carries an abstract quality within catchy melodies.

"Silence" by L.A.S.H.A.

Born in Tbilisi/ Georgia, he studied architecture and design, always paying attention to the electronic music world. From 2006 he started composing under the name of „jacob first“ and in 2011 he started his new project L.A.S.H.A. L.A.S.H.A.’s track "Silence" pays attention to the slower more impressive deeper link of techno which some may call also melodic house. The track is a serious track with mood changes going on under you skin, so this track instantly qualified.

"Rapid Eye Movement" by Serpoosh

Serpoosh’s "Rapid Eye Movement" is a lounge track with an exotic percussion and a lot of premium relax quality! Serpoosh is a self -taught musician/producer/mixing and mastering engineer from Iran. His track is a deep dwelling and moody house track. It travels lightly from one level to the next one.

"No Tomorrow" by Mo Mirxa

Mo Mirxa returns with "No Tomorrow" to his magic melody themes. I am a fan of all his trax on Tour De Traum!

"androID" by Greg Ochman

Greg Ochman has released a lot of music in the past on numerous labels and is by definition a real musician. He has gained support from Guy Gerber, DJ Sascha, John Digweed an others for his releases. "androID" is an artistic symbiosis of synthetic sounds and a lot of seemingly self played instruments that create a whirlpool of fantastic melodies. Altogether this holds for an extremely lively and organic composition, that features a jazzy ambition here and there, making it a unique track on Tour De Traum XX.

"Fon" by Biiro, Haider Uppal

Biiro & Haider Uppal have teamed up this time for a relaxing and deep affair with "Fon". The melodies are carried by an extremely well programmed funky groove and an overall flawless production. The mighty baseline installs a genuine and seductive dub feeling!

"Stuck In A Dream feat. Jessy" by Out of Sorts

Out of Sorts are Hayden and Barton Strom and are brothers. They live in New Zealand, have been writing music for almost 25 years together and have toured the world performing. Their track "Stuck In A Dream feat. Jessy" is a collaboration with Jessy (Jessica Elizabeth (Ariane) Meffin). Her sultry lyrics resonate nicely with their music. Jessy is at home in the Waitakere Ranges West Auckland. She has has been part of various electronic music productions. She’s recently worked with Out of Sorts & Simon Flower (Moon Harbour)“- "Stuck In A Dream feat. Jessy" works with a bit of a Detroit retro theme, probably in the same cosmos as Kevin Saunderson’s bass melodies on a KMS and certainly with the New Wave voice of Jessy diving right into the track, cutting it in two parts. The theme of a dream is payed tribute by blurred reverbing sounds and the ghostly Lydia Lunch kind of spoken words of Mrs Meffin.

"Learn How To Love" by NOCUI

Classically trained since the age of 4, when NOCUI discovered electronic music had a completely different concept of what music was supposed to sound like. Electronic music made him question what music was supposed to be, and that's when he realized that he wanted to get into it. Inspired by sound more than music, electronic music gives him the possibility to explore all those musical worlds that exist between the strict canons of tonality. When he talks about about the relevance of electronic music he says „I get bored very easily, but I couldn't get bored of something that had no boundaries. I fell in love with it.“ "Learn How To Love" defies genres by its unique vocal/singing and twisted synth riffs that carry tons of passion and erupt like a volcano and in the next moment are killed off and stay mute. That tension make it i a super sensual track.

"Light" by Øyvind

After Øyvind solo debut EP on our label we asked him for another unreleased track and this is what we came up with: torn and ripped and at times distorted his melodies express pain and love in an exceptional way. If you enjoy "Light" check out his solo EP for more great music.

"Shadowlight" by Reboq

"Shadowlight" is a constant tremolo, a palpitation of the heartbeat, a force of energy counteracted by big synths which try to go against it. Who will win, how does it all end. Try to find out by listening to Reboq’s dramatic but also soothing piece of techno.

"Cataleya" by Pak Sota

Techno heaviness meets angle like sounds and "Dr Who" spookiness. How does this sound? Have a listen and judge by yourself. We love Pak Sota’s "Cataleya".

"Clouds" by Push Against New Fakes

"Clouds" resembles the music as no other word can. The sequences shift and blend and new bolder clouds appear on the horizon by force. Push Against New Fakes says: „I live in a small town in Northern Italy, where the desolation of the plain bushes make you look for something to fill that void. And so, for many of us, music is the perfect tool to fill that void. I was born as a guitarist but, through electronic music, I was able to express all my feelings and emotions, thanks to the infinite variety of sounds and atmospheres that can be created with electronic instruments.”

"Adios" by Jaksa Pavicevic

Vintage synth sounds meet futurism. Jaksa Pavicevic brings two worlds together that go together well. The selection and the execution of how to paint with sound is done here in perfection. In the course of the track "Adios" shows exceptional qualities in transforming itself always into something new. This is exciting and always stimulating.

"The Future We Never Had" by Sonimun

Sonimun is the dance project of Cologne based artist and multifaceted musician Numinos. The music here does not pay any intention to any hype in music but is just concerned with writing music. This has lead to a track that shows some comparison to 303 wizard and legend Alexander Robotnick who gets more out of an 303 than the 303 ever wanted to give. Well as you cannot reduce Robotnick to acid music you cannot reduce "The Future We Never Had" to 303 music. Instead the track blends at least three genres with each other and does that with a magic which also works very well with a good crowd in a club.

"Holocene" by Bock & Fuchs

Bock & Fuchs has already released a solo EP with us and returns here with the unreleased track "Holocene". Bock & Fuchs is based in Berlin Kreuzberg and is known for his numerous live gigs in the city that never sleeps. His new track shows his signature, writing music in a live „played“ fashion that gives it a fascinating flow and here he also develops a nice peak feeling towards the end with vibrant synths pointing out of the track in an alarming way.

"Hollow Lane" by Future Self

Future Self is a Swedish-born music producer who has been based in the musical haven of Bristol, UK for the last decade. His earlier incarnations have given him solid foundations for building his Future Self alias. "Hollow Lane" carries the feel of energetic and soothing techno of the late 90ies in a modern style, executed through a nonstop continuity of sounds that can be described as hypnotic and physical. Do you really want to dance and loose yourself in sounds? Check out through track! He describes his actual music with the words: „Influences come from far and wide - an autumn day on the beach or walking down suburban roads in the dark during an evening walk“.

"Moving On" by Andy Moon

We welcome the return of Andy Moon who has written another epic song with "Moving On". His organ grinding piece of soulful techno is the only track of this kind on the Tour De Traum XX and deserves attention! Listen to it!

"At Night There Is Nothing" by Sandburgen

Sandburgen from Düsseldorf creates with "At Night There Is Nothing" a baseline driven melodic tune that is constantly in motion and is elevating and soulful. It shows a different perspectives from one second to he next one. As he puts its in his own words: „The act of making music is kind of a journey: into my wild past as well as to times and places that are yet to come or exist in this very moment - but not here.“

"The Sun Is Rising In The Sky" by Aurelius Zon

We welcome back Aurelius Zon who contributed already to Tour De Traum XVIII with his song "Into The Depth Of The Soul“. His new track "The Sun Is Rising In The Sky" feels like a meditative and contemplative trip into the wild west, a trip into the rocky plains, where discoveries come natural. The wonderful composition includes various instruments finding their place in a gentle way.

"Minimal Wednesday (Angelo D'onorio Remix)" by Nova Caza

Nova Caza was a resident DJ at „Chanders Residence“ and „De Fietznfabriek“ in Haarlem. He has collaborated with sax player Stanley B as Mr Cazanova feat. Stanley B. Nova Caza is his solo project. We feature here his track "Minimal Wednesday" in a remix by Angelo D'onorio. The track describes quite a journey starting with cool beats leading to a passage with feedbacks and screeching sounds that describe the nice wall of sound peak.

"Mr Cricket" by Hansgod

We welcome back Hansgod after his appearances on Tour De Traum IX and VIII. "Mr Cricket" is a hilariously funny track with naive sequences and a big time rave synth joining in at minute 4 to succeed in a medium size rollercoaster. The good thing about minimalism is the free spaces in between you cab fill out with your imagination… Hansgod has written such a track.

"One Time Too Many" by Gabs

Gabs returns to Tour De Traum with his newest invention and the first true techno track on the release. "One Time Too Many" spits out Vintage synth sounds, roaring and boasting with acceleration.

"Downtown" by Carloz Afonzo

It time for the second techno track on Tour De Traum XX with Carloz Afonzo at the steering wheel. With "Downtown" you will get an authentic beat focussed track with a tiny trace of melody which we liked for Tour De Traum.

"Nature" by Peter Shik

The Cologne musician Peter Shik has already released "Someone Else", "Come With Me" and "Summernights" with us. He stays true to his melodic hedonistic house approach. His track "Nature" is just perfect to brighten up your mood!

"Draper Point" by Yannis PK

Yannis PK belongs to the artists who write music that you perceive through the senses rather than delivering everything on a silber plate. "Draper Point“ is a dark and powerful piece of minimalism rather techno than narrative epic house music with a lot of repetition for you to fill out with feelings yourself. For all of you who want to know: The Draper point by definition is the approximate temperature above which almost all solid materials visibly glow as a result of blackbody radiation. Bodies at temperatures just below the Draper point radiate primarily in the infrared range and emit negligible visible light. So try to listen with your eyes closed and let us know what colors you see.

"Mündungsdelta" by Auster

Auster the musician from Linz, Austria blends roaring techno and simplistic melodies to create a minimalist approach with a lot of passion with his track "Mündungsdelta".

"Locking Down" by Cortexmaltex

Cortexmaltex returns after his contribution to Tour De Traum XIX ("Gestaltunsbedingung") with his new track "Locking Down". The French producer fuses boisterous synth sounds with sweet sounds/melodies and creates through that an antagonism which accounts for so many great tracks. He has a background with jazz music but shifted to electronic music because of the endless field of sound exploration thanks to analog synthesizers

"Mangala" by Cockpitcrew

All of you who know abut the history of the German project Cockpitcrew with the placements in the genre of Chill Out and Lounge, will know what to expect. The idea for Cockpitcrew came during flights as a pilot with different general aviation planes. During the flight schedules he started to write songs with all the pictures of different European cities in his head. After the footage was ready, he started to compose the music and finished his first album 2007. "Mangala" picks up this spirit and creates a soundtrack perfect for a film.

"Flam Bam" by Tonelab

Tonelab has been a professional double bass player in Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae and many other music styles for over 30 years now, and this musical history and experience does influences his electronic music productions in special ways. His track "Flam Bam" on Tour De Traum XX contains multiple layered baselines, the highest of which could be reminiscent of what Larry Graham plays using his unique slap-bass technique. The track has a fantastic energetic side to it. The melodies come in waves and build a current of

"Find Rest" by apanorama

The Duo apanorama from Nürnberg have appeared mainly as a live band with appearances in Germany, with a few releases so far. "Find Rest" is a pop pearl, captivating through the polyphonic vocals of Nora Maul and the synths of Michael Eppelein.

"Warum Weinst Du Nachtigall?" by Ümit Han

The track "Warum Weinst Du Nachtigall?" is based on a turkish poem from the 13th century by Yunus Emre and turns out to be an electro track where the words appear in German. It was recorded as part of a live improvisation in Ümit Han’s studio and was based around the vocals. It is strongly connected to its visual side which is a video done by the man himself which we will show on YouTube.

"Avalanche" by Lost ON Earth

The Portugal based artist Lost ON Earth blends melodic techno with classic ambient sounds and builds a sensual „night rider“ of a track with "Avalanche". The physical production gives him the possibility to have also DJs play this track in the club.

"Blitzar" by Max Kuffel

Max Kuffel’s "Blitzar" is a techno track unorthodox and playful in its heaviness, with a lot of skill for composing music and featuring lots of surprises.

"Daybreak" by Vanity In Mind

Vanity In Mind is a producer from Sweden with an astral melodic touch. "Daybreak" is a fantastic, futuristic retro track, very nicely warped.

"New Life" by Jimi Moller

The artist from Cyprus Jimi Möller releases here with "New Life" a melodic tune between house and techno featuring divine synth sounds with a spiritual side to them.

"Alptraum" by Krüger + Meyer

Krüger + Meyer’s "Alptraum" belongs to the techno category of tracks on this release. It is a powerhouse of a track and a DJ weapon. The production is very developed and gives room for loud volume and club play. Preferred location for the music: basements and anything which is located underground.

"As We Live, Love & Laugh Together" by HOLZ

HOLZ delivers a unique raw track with "As We Live, Love & Laugh Together" and we love it when the organs kicks in, it is a heavenly moment inside of this monotone sequential sound. This is a track for the people look for music left and right off the mark. As he says in his own words: „I am HOLZ an immortal human being, I make music out of the love for life, loving human beings, loving nature and all the earth and everything in the world.“ „I produce dance music and any kind of music styles relevant to date. I am a cool cat with 9 lives to live. Believe in HOLZ.“

"Drucker" by Alex Turr

Alex Turr has written with "Drucker" a deep house track full of melancholy and joy executed by heavenly chords with the French touch of determination floating above time and place. Our mind directly counts to Étienne de Crécy and his Super Discount imprint but more techno then house if this makes sense to you. As Alex says in his own words: „The compositions are not frozen blocks of verses and choruses, but a story in motion, a build-up to the emotional climax.“ The cinematographic dimension is obvious; not so surprising considering that Alex Turr devoted the first part of his professional life to film and television.

Tour De Traum XX Mixed By Riley Reinhold (Continuous Mix)

The release closes with Riley Reinhold’s mix "Tour De Traum XX (Continuous Mix)".

Release Date:                                                              04. December 2020