Traum CD25 - Various Artists - Tour De Traum III mixed by Riley Reinhold
What tickles the mind of Riley Reinhold right now?

We would like to end the year with the „Tour de Traum III“ mix.

The mix has a long tradition from the Thomas Brinkmann version to the versions Riley Reinhold has been doing.

We started with a lot of different projects this year on Traum, such as the remixes for Max Cooper 12” including very different remix artists as well as releasing on our new electronic label Zaubernuss.

So Riley tried to tie all this up into a mix that still has a flow and helps listeners to gain access to the richness of Traum music.

So we hope you enjoy the mix!

Track Listing:
Dominik Eulberg - Islandmuschel 400
Morris Cowan - Cavern Jive
Microtrauma - Saturation
Max Cooper - Harmonisch Serie
Max Cooper - i (Pele Remix)
Max Cooper - Solace (Guardner Remix)
Max Cooper - Darkroom
Ryan Davis - Loophole
Microtrauma - Circulate (Mononoid Remix)
Thomas Bjerring - Ice
Mark Reeve - Cold Places
Ricardo Tobar - With You
Moonbeam – Motus (Applescal Remix)

Release date: 21st December 2011

Tour De Traum III

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