Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis is a free spirit.
He refers to his music as "soundscapes" rather than trax and his history of releasing music with labels worldwide leaves marks of a musical journey rich of emotions, dreams and desires.

Although Ryan has released music now for more than 4 years and has played top clubs such as "Fuse" (Brussels) and clubs in London, Amsterdam and Madrid... he has avoided to use official  ways and means for a career and has rather seeked ways of breaking down established  boarders, spreading his music on multiple platforms

Nevertheless he has been voted and charted constantly by artists such as Dominik Eulberg, Sasha, Digweed, Stephan Bodzin, Henry Saiz and Hernan Cattaneo.

It all started for him in 2006 when he released his first single “Transformer” with which he managed to make himself a name over night in the music scene.
The "Zyrial Soundfood EP" on the Dutch label Manual can be regarded then as a final break through. Since then he has released on labels such as Archipel and Manual, Turbo , Gigolo, Proton music and was on compilations from Ivan Smagghe and John Digweed.
In 2011 he become a core part of the Traum family through his two EP’s „Routes Of Life” and “Light & Shadow”. These created an exceptional wave of euphoric responses by the likes of Max Cooper, Coyu, Henry Saiz, DJ Sasha and was supported by Tsugi, Popmatters, Half Stereo and top radio stations.
Ryan has created his own imprint in Berlin called "Back Home" and works there also with locals artists and labels.

He is now also a part of the Traum booking agency and has released his album in June 2012.

He has recently remixed tracks for DJ Sasha, Dominik Eulberg, Pig & Dan and Luis Junior.
Through this a world wide collective out of different labels and artist has developed which manages to push idea boarders constantly.

Who wants to get a greater picture of Ryan Davis’s sound and the way he manages to fill the clubs not only with beats but more should come and have a look at him playing live or Djing.