Traum CD Digital 29 - Various Artists - Tour De Traum VI mixed by Riley Reinhold

With Tour de Traum IV  we wanted to touch on all the different tempos and styles and give it a real range of mood - yet sustain it all with a feeling of what Traum has been up for the last 6 months.
We've combined the introspective with the melancholic; the high tech electronica with the old school nonchalance; the great and forcefulness with the shy and withdrawn.
We are happy to include some of our top artists, some even with unreleased tracks, as well as exclusive tracks for Traum from a new generation of producers.
We feature a force form the past, and an unheard of collaboration of artists for the first time.
Our maxim of not being elitist and dogmatic, rather working as a team of people is what we think we have put into effect here - and some of us think it's maybe the best compilation for some time on our label.

1. Tour de Traum VI mixed by Riley Reinhold
2. Roi Koch – Callings
3. Luc Angenehm – Korona
4. Indieveed – Bliss
5. Gabs – Light Trace
6. Dominik Eulberg – Offenbach
7. Reinier Zonneveld – The Reason Of Things
8. Gabriel Ananda – Dolle Daps
9. SQL & Olaf Stuut – Ilinc
10. Max Cooper – Walls
11. Peet – Der Dunkele Kristall
12. Sikora – Tage Die Vorbei Sind
13. Hubert Kirchner – Why Is The Floor Moving
14. Aer – Listen
15. Mononoid – Petunia
16. Mario Hammer – Lonely Robot
17. Light Breath – Rumpus
18. Spitbastard – Synetrus
19. Umit Han – Die Traene Fliesst Im Wildbachs Lauf
20. Drol. – Stamina
21. Egokind – Fade Me
22. Module One – 3 Weeks

Release date: 18th July 2013

Tour De Traum VI

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