Traum CD Digital 30 - Various Artists - Tour De Traum VII mixed by Riley Reinhold

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With the Tour De Traum VII we have reached another level. Not sure if we can repeat this one, because we think it has turned out just great. We received more demos than ever for the Tour de Traum VII which were collected over the last 5 months by Riley Reinhold, so we see the community is growing which makes us happy.
So here we proudly present a fine selection of artists some well known and many others you might never have heard of. At the beginning we feature two mixes by Riley Reinhold with all of the tracks so you get a feel of what it could all sound like in one go.

We open up the Tour de Traum VII with Kevin Croes track "Iklimler". We experience here a fine blend of modern minimal percussion meeting warm pads of string sounds, all done with a lot of skill for progression and dynamics, witness his percussive parts towards the end!
The second track come by Roy Rosenfeld. As he has stated himself, he very rarely does a track in this fashion, so listen here to his track "Soulship" which is a mighty production that takes up elements of electronica and melodic techno and blends them with a techno soul.
Egokind appears here again after giving his debut on Tour de Traum VI. His track "Hipper" is a great modernistic beat track with joyous and delicate sound bits he has carefully implanted in this hi tech rocker… this track takes you by the hand and goes all the way through ups and downs, you won’t regret it a second.
The Natural’s "Sweet Music Box" is all percussive with a Latin touch and a synth of pock rock nature that opens up the doors of receptions and gives you the chill in a big way. One cannot do without this one.
Reinier Zonneveld’s track "Shining" is as much a masterpiece as his previous ones (he also appears as a Tour de Traum artist for the second time), but Reinier produces very differently in that a lot of hand played instruments are involved and the track constantly changes its appearance, like a chameleon. This is a big epic track and ist 10 minute length perfectly matches its compositional sophistication.

Gabs appeared also on the Tour de Traum VI but this time with "The Four" he expressing more deepness within the melodic frame with fantastic elaborate melodies, but his mighty baseline is always lurking around the corner to jump into action. A big one. Microtrauma’s "Olivia" needs to be in here because it is a chilling track and a small jewel... so here it finds its place. Ri Za’s "Lost Planet" is a meditative track and we really like to have tracks like this on board… his track emerges slowly and skillfully taking in elements and removing them never overloading. His music is deeply rooted in tradition of Klaus Schulze and Krautrock!
Van Gijs „For Her“ is a wonderfully light and uncomplicated track that is based on an extremely well thought out arrangement that alternates skillful between melodies and synths to explore it in many ways!
Dominik Eulberg’s "Schokoladen-Fruchtzwerg" has already gained international praise and we include it in here because it is a wonderful piece of music extremely hi tek in its production and selection of every single element. We wont tell you how long he worked on this track.
Another new signing is Nick Dow. Some of you know him from his release on Herzblut, but check out this track, we believe this goes beyond it very much. Nick has his own language already developed to a big extent, like many of the great artists. It is a pleasure to listen to this hybrid of sound shaping and beat manipulation… or the other way around!
RWAC & Einfach.So, you might know from RWAC’s solo EPs on Trapez and their last contribution on Tour de traum VI, which they repeat but in a new fashion. Let us only say we have rarely come across a track that is so massive in the bass section... we can only say… this is a real powerhouse of a track and occasionally there is room for sound that once you hear it loud you will never forget.
Jey Fever contributes with "Material" and moody piece of music that evolves in something beautifully melancholic you should not miss, always welcome! Extrawelt’s "Breedle" hits the road and picks up a fragile mood giving way to static sounds and sequences that meet the melody. We don’t have to say much more here.
JSPR "A Duck, Boys and Girls" starts out very traditionally but don’t let that affect you, the track melts into a real powerful epic dance floor charmer, that opens up in a big way after the break!
Also Mariano Favre is a new artist on board, who likes to combine melodic techno with hi energy sequencers and a multitude of planetary sounds! Get into this one you want believe what will happen.

Until here these are the tracks you will find mixed in the first mix. Here the second mix starts.
Thomas Elmore debuts with his track "Love Left A Window In The Skies" powerful in his bass but tenderly in his approach of strings and melodies that peeled off here in the process, revealing a lot of genuine deepness that pulls you into this well composed track!
"Viker Turrit" has written an excellent "sueno Latino" flavored techno-house track. It is adroit in the way it makes changes and makes nimble transitions. Also a track where things happen in the speed of light and we are not talking about BPMs here. Great!

Luc Angenehm, recorded a popular track on Tour de Traum VI, here he has written another very emotional track including recorded vocals. The track has an almost dubby & moody quality with a nice stop and go feeling that opens the door for energy to enter and leave the track. Probably the only track in this style on Tour de Traum VII and a good one! The vocals on the track come from Matthias Propach.
Ruttenbergs "That Little Paradise" collects a lot of energy right from the beginning, creates a stunning crossover into the field of pop music in its breakdown which we had not heard so far.
We don’t have to explain Ron Flatter’s "Mantequilla", the track is still played by a lot of DJs since released on Traum in summer.
Lee Mills is from Liverpool and has written the most bloomy track on Tour De Traum VII. "Fall" is a very cool multicolored and genre free track that generates a relaxed bubble of precious sounds.
Van Did had releases on our sub label Zaubernuss before and appears here with his track "Rosa" for the first time on Traum. Dive into this atmospheric and melancholic sea of sounds that constantly changes. "Rosa" might have more in common with a indie bands definition of sound then with a techno production and this is a good choice to us. A good one by Van Did without doubt.
Peet you know from the EP he has recorded for Traum and for his Tour de Traum participation in the past. "The Glass Is Not Empty" is his newest track and shows his quality to go from one state of matter to the next in an elegant way.
Theo Meier is a new artist on Tour De Traum, his long beatless intro builds up enough energy to be released with minutes to come. His melodies are sublime and fragile which is a nice quality. What happen later is quite fantastic and virtuosic and incorporates many passages that evoke the image of classic music. Hard to believe? Please listen.
We have included our artist Max Cooper with his superb track "Mnemonic" here, one of our favorite tracks of his.
For all of you who know our releases for some time, you might remember Thomas Bjerring, with whom we released two solos. This track "Jove" has a post rock quality we like very much, it is on the one side very raw and the other very distinguished and has a very strong composition.
KAGO DO have remixed Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s track "Schwindelig" in the past and have send us a piece of electronica that includes enthno elements being fused with electronic ones all done with a highly artistic approach.
The last track "Hammersche Modularverschaltung" by Mario Hammer is the only highly experimentell and modular track on Tour De Traum VII. If you are a fan of sound shaping and abstract music you might like this exceptional track.

Release date: 18. December 2013

  1. Tour De Traum VII
      pt 1 (tracks 3 - 18)
      mixed by Riley Reinhold

  2. Tour De Traum VII
      pt 2 (tracks 19 - 31)
      mixed by Riley Reinhold

  3. Kevin Croes - Iklimler

  4. Roy Rosenfeld – Soulship

  5. Egokind - Hipper

  6. The Natural - Sweet music box

  7. Reinier Zonneveld – Shining

  8. Gabs – The Four

  9. Microtrauma – Olivia

10. Ri Za – Lost Planet

11. Van Gijs - For Her

12. Dominik Eulberg -

13. Nick Dow – Self Repair

14. RWAC & Einfach.So – Droelf

15. Jey Fever – Material

16. Extrawelt – Breedle

17. JSPR - A Duck, Boys and Girls

18. Mariano Favre –
      Circular Speeding

19. Thomas Elmore –
Love Left A Window In The Skies

20. Viker Turrit - Closedown

21. Luc Angenehm -
      Sold & Ruined

22. Ruttenbergs -
      That Little Paradise

23. Ron Flatter – Mantequilla

24. Lee Mills – Fall

25. Van Did – Rosa

26. Peet – The Glass Is Not Empty

27. Theo Meier– Abbug

28. Max Cooper – Mnemonic

29. Thomas Bjerring – Jove

30. KAGO DO - Red Emotions

31. Mario Hammer -
Hammersche Modularverschaltung