Traum CD Digital 31,5 - Various Artists - Traum #BeatportDecade Techno

This is our compilation to celebrate Beatport’s 10 year anniversary.

It assembles a selection of key tracks released on Traum.

The compilation holds tracks from artists we discovered at an early stage and which have become well known by now. We feature here: Dominik Eulberg, Minilogue, Extrawelt, Max Cooper, Ryan Davis, Ron Flatter, Microtrauma and our newest signing the Scottish Berlin based artist Nick Dow.

Release date: 12. September 2014

1. Minilogue - Space (Radio Slave
    Panorama Garage Remix)

2. Dominik Eulberg, Gabriel Ananda
    - NGC 101

3. Extrawelt - 8000

4. Max Cooper - Gravity Well
    (Microtrauma Remix)

5. Dominik Eulberg - Der Tanz
    der Gluehwuermchen (Kollektiv
    Turmstrasse „Dirt Glow“ Remix)

6. Microtrauma - Reflection

7. Ryan Davis - Roads

8. Nick Dow - The Insect Parade

9. Ron Flatter - Mantequilla

10. Minilogue - Carnival

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